Nighttime Goddess Stretch For Better Sleep

Goddess Stretch

Exercising before you go to bed is proven to help you get a better and more nourishing sleep, allow you to fall asleep more quickly and allow you to feel more energetic the next day.  However, you do not want your exercise to be too vigorous before you sleep which is why some gentle nighttime yoga poses are perfect.

Holding the nighttime goddess stretch for 3 – 5 minutes before bed is going to help you relax and get ready for sleep.

We found this article on explaining how to get into goddess stretch position.

Nighttime Goddess Stretch

While lying on your back, put together the soles of your feet. Hold out your arms at a 45-degree angle at your sides. Breathe deeply then let your knees fall to the floor while stretching the groin muscles and relaxing the body. Lie for three to five minutes as long as you are comfortable in this position.

You can read the full article on the benefits of exercising before bed over on

Photo sourced from Jasmine Kaloudis.

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