4 Benefits Of Practicing Yoga In The Water

Aqua Yoga

Changing up your yoga experience gives you different insights on what your mind and body of capable of.

I found this article in DoYouYoga on the reasons you should try aqua yoga, including:

Water provides support.

Water provides buoyancy, so those balancing postures become a little less difficult. Now everyone can explore Tree Pose and Warrior III with all the confidence in the world!

It can be extremely therapeutic & relaxing.

As the water provides support to the body, you start to physically feel lighter and therefore feeling less strain on muscles and joints.

Props are still at your fingertips.

Say hello to the pool noodle! This little life-saver provides for additional stability and makes classes a lot more fun. Use the noodle to hold those balancing postures a little longer, get help getting your body into Dancer Pose, or creating a fun moment in class by using the noodle as a sword in Warrior II.

It CAN improve your flexibility and challenge you.

Though it is low impact, Aqua Yoga can be challenging and can help you increase flexibility and breath awareness. In Aqua Yoga, you can hold the postures a little longer while focusing on your breath and keeping the entire body engaged.

For more benefits of doing yoga in the water, read the full article in DoYouYoga.

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